We founded Weavr to make payments less painful for our fellow innovators.

Alex Mifsud
Co-founder and CEO
Alex has been a serial payments entrepreneur over the past 15 years.  His first business Entropay launched Visa’s first virtual prepaid card programme in 2003 which made the Sunday Times TechTrack 100. Before Weavr, he also founded Ixaris Technologies, an innovator in global B2B payments with a multinational client base. Alex is passionate about the dissemination of technology: his non-profit work includes co-founding the Malta Internet Foundation, and more recently the London Blockchain Foundation. He is a Chartered Engineer and has a PhD in Computer Science from Edinburgh University.
Adrian Mizzi
Co-founder and CTO
Adrian is a highly experienced technologist, starting his career as a software developer with an IT products firm and a mobile operator, and subsequently leading various technology functions as CIO / CTO of payments companies Entropay and Ixaris. He has a proven record in building and leading technology teams covering all the key IT functions for payments businesses including development of financial services grade software, high availability, IT operations, security, and IT procurement. Adrian has recently completed his PhD in Computer Science, focusing on software interoperability across disparate platforms, with applications both in the IoT and blockchain domains.
It’s Alex and Adrian here – we’re payment entrepreneurs and engineers. We’ve experienced first hand over many years how cumbersome, slow and expensive creating payments solutions almost always is. ‘There has to be a better way’ we’d say every time, months and tens of thousands of pounds (or euros or dollars) later before we could process the first real-money transactions.

In 2015, thanks to a grant from the EU Horizon2020 research programme, we spent a couple of years developing a technology stack that would make designing, building and taking a brand new payment service live take just a few weeks.

With Weavr, we’re finally getting there, and we’re working obsessively hard to make creating payment services like any other digital software – pick your APIs, write some code, and get something out there that real customers can try.

There are still some wrinkles to iron and hoops that we still have to jump through. Financial institutions and payments vendors, including our partners, face genuine challenges and real costs and friction when supporting innovation. That’s why things are the way they are. We’re not wishing these issues away, but painstakingly finding solutions – engineering solutions, new operating models, or sometimes just convincing partners to do things differently.

Our biggest advocates are payments industry insiders who would love nothing more than to remove friction – as long as it’s not at the expense of security and compliance. In fact, the financial institutions and payments vendors we have approached are inspired by what we’re trying to achieve, and are supporting us and sometimes joining us in our journey.

Weavr is possible only thanks to our partners. We’re on this journey together to bring payments to the API age.

Paynetics is a fully licensed and operational EU e-money institution with solid infrastructure in issuing and acquiring combined with proprietary payment technologies.
Global Processing Services
GPS is an award-winning issuer processor enabling many high-profile fintech innovators and disruptors. GPS are certified by Mastercard and Visa to process cards globally.
iDenfy is a cross-border online identity verification solution helping businesses to mitigate fraud risk, reduce costs and comply with KYC, AML and GDPR regulations during the user on-boarding process in a digital environment.
SumSub uses the most advanced technologies to stay compliant to GDPR, KYC, AML. The platform is equipped with tools for completely automatic verification as well as for checks based upon human review which is complied to current European legislation to non-face-to-face customer identification in banking industry.

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