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Our mission

We founded Weavr to enable any business to embed any financial service anywhere their customers need it

Our story

Embedded finance made easy

Weavr provides Plug-and-Play financial services to innovators who are not just building a business. They’re changing the game.

Up until now, adding financial services exactly where and when your customers need them has been tricky.

You can either send your customers to their account holder, instantly diluting your relationship and being restricted by inflexible terms and processes.

Or you can build your own from scratch, which will take years, cost hundreds of thousands and come with a heavy compliance burden.

We knew there had to be another way.

Our ready-made, Plug-and-Play financial services mean you can pick and package based on the needs of your customers then seamlessly embed them into your application. We also offer the ability to create unlimited solutions tailor-made to your business needs.

It is our fundamental belief that the future of business cannot exist separately from the world of money. That’s why we are building a first-of-its-kind financial services ‘app store’ to make it even quicker and easier to weave exactly what you need directly into the fabric of your business.

We exist anywhere that money is stored, spent or lent online, but as you own the full user experience your customers will never know we’re there. This allows you to unlock business growth, achieve transformational customer value and our built-in compliance removes all of the heavy lifting.

Every business should have access to safe financial services. No digital business can now afford to ignore it and we’re making it faster, more cost-effective and safer than ever before.

Our team

Spread over four countries with over 100 years of combined experience
Alex Mifsud
Co-founder & CEO
Adrian Mizzi
Co-founder & CTO
Daniel Greiller
Dave Joyce
Regina Lau

Work with us

We’re always on the lookout for great talent.
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Our partners

Weavr has carefully selected a broad set of partners to help make this mission possible:


Paynetics is a fully licensed and operational EU e-money institution with solid infrastructure in issuing and acquiring combined with proprietary payment technologies.


GPS is an award-winning issuer processor enabling many high-profile fintech innovators and disruptors. GPS are certified by Mastercard and Visa to process cards globally.


SumSub uses the most advanced technologies to stay compliant to GDPR, KYC, AML. The platform is equipped with tools for completely automatic verification as well as for checks based upon human review which is complied to current European legislation to non-face-to-face customer identification in finance industry.

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