21 May 2024 • Use cases

Why embedded finance has moved up the priority list for UK B2B SaaS products

Is this a turning point for B2B SaaS in 2024? So, you’ve heard about our latest unputdownable SaaS research white…

10 May 2024 • Newsroom

Accounts Payable professionals willing to pay more for automated payments

New research from embedded finance specialist Weavr reveals that a staggering 94% of Accounts Payable (AP) professionals would prefer their…

Weavr announces new data insights dashboards in embedded finance portal (illustration: a software user browses Weavr embedder finance insights dashboard on their laptop)
9 May 2024 • Product

Announcing new Data Insights for embedded finance operators

Weavr announces new platform features providing powerful new data reporting dashboards in the Embedder Portal – May 2024

30 Apr 2024 • Guides

Research: embedding payments dissolves pains points for AP professionals

New research from Weavr shines a light on the gaps in Accounts Payable (AP) platforms – and where opportunities lie for…

Illustration photo: a happy office person sitting at a bench desk in a modern office
12 Feb 2024 • Guides

How embedded finance boosts revenue for SaaS products

Embedded finance is changing the face of software and perhaps we’re preaching to the converted here, but let’s pretend you’re…

Club Employés and Weavr collaborate
31 Jan 2024 • Employee benefits

Club Employés and Weavr collaborate to provide employees with greater choice and control over their benefits

European employee benefits platform, Club Employés, has partnered with embedded finance specialists, Weavr, to power a debit card solution for…

Accounts Payable
17 Jan 2024 • B2B payments

Accounts Payable: platforms that pay and prepare will prevail

How do you continue adding user value to an Accounts Payable (AP) platforms and applications? Its users are typically under…

20 Dec 2023 • B2B payments

Solving Shadow IT: do we need to be kinder with SaaS licensing management tools?

Your product is pitched as a cure for the perennial IT headache of Shadow IT. But just bear in mind…

20 Nov 2023 • B2B payments

Where accounting software is one big let-down: don’t let Accounts Payable be your weakest link…

Accounting and procurement tools promise the opportunity to wave goodbye to grunt work. However, no matter how slick and innovative…

13 Nov 2023 • Guides

What is embedded finance? Here’s the ultimate guide

In this guide, we’ll explore what embedded finance is and the benefits it brings to digital platforms and the people…

Fintech experts discuss embedded finance
8 Nov 2023 • B2B payments

Challenges and benefits of embedded finance: insights from top fintech experts

Fintech experts are here to help you: Does embedded finance seem like a logical next step for your product, but…

Weavr's Buyer's Guide
5 Oct 2023 • Guides

Embedded finance buyer’s guide: partner with the right embedded finance supplier

Embedded finance is an emerging part of today’s digital landscape, which makes it both a potentially lucrative opportunity and also…