The workspace race_ embedded finance is coming to business productivity platforms - Blog
24 May 2023 • B2B payments

The workspace race: embedded finance is coming to productivity platforms

Embedded finance is coming to productivity platforms, are you ready? When the first online auction sites launched in the 1990s,…

21 May 2023 • Newsroom

Unlocking corporate credit with AI-powered underwriting

NUMARQE, the London-based corporate-credit provider, has partnered with us, to streamline the power of AI and embedded finance for a digitised…

Weavr x Comma acquisition_ accelerating innovation together -
11 May 2023 • B2B payments

Weavr x Comma acquisition: accelerating innovation together

This past month has flown by. After announcing the Comma acquisition in March, it has been full steam ahead for…

The scope of embedded payments goes far beyond the checkout - Daniel Greiller
28 Apr 2023 • B2B payments

The scope of embedded payments goes far beyond the checkout

Written by Daniel Greiller, CCO of Weavr. When you think about embedded payments, you’re probably thinking about a one-click checkout.…

25 Apr 2023 • Newsroom

corplife whets appetite for employee benefits with Weavr partnership

Vienna-based corplife, the all-in-one solution for employee benefits, has announced a new partnership with embedded-finance firm, Weavr. The partnership sees…

When is Embedded Not, Actually, Embedded
18 Apr 2023 • BaaS

When is “embedded” not, actually, embedded?

Written by Alex Mifsud, CEO and Co-founder of Weavr. You learn something every day. When is embedded not actually embedded?…

Embedded finance_ the ‘secret sauce’ for stemming employee churn
22 Mar 2023 • Employee benefits

Embedded finance: the ‘secret sauce’ for stemming employee churn?

Evidence suggests that many talented workers are restless. High proportions of the workforce are unsure whether their current position can…

Weavr International Women's Day 2023
8 Mar 2023 • People

Weavr embraces equity this International Women’s Day

We didn’t want International Women’s Day (IWD) to be a last-minute, “quick, grab the females for a social media pic…

Weavr brings Open Banking to Embedded Finance in first-of-its-kind deal
7 Mar 2023 • Newsroom

Weavr brings Open Banking to Embedded Finance

Following the announcement of impressive growth in the past year, Weavr has confirmed the acquisition of B2B Open Banking platform,…

Open Banking vs BaaS Embedded Finance
28 Feb 2023 • BaaS

Open Banking vs Banking-as-a-Service. What’s the difference?

How open banking and banking-as-a-service are complementary bedfellows for embedded finance.  If you’re building any kind of financial product you’ve…

Weavr announces growth since Series A
28 Feb 2023 • Newsroom

Weavr sees exceptional growth in embedded finance

Growth across a myriad of sectors continues to be adversely affected by a broader downturn in the global economy but…

embedded finance disruption
3 Feb 2023 • B2B payments

Disruption for mere mortals: 6 lessons from embedded finance winners

Well-known names such as Uber, Starbucks and – most recently – Twitter are often cited whenever the topic of embedded…