Digital innovators live at the cutting edge. They’re out to forge new paths, to do things no one else has done before and blow the previous customer experience out of the water. And whether your business is centred around delivering financial services or not, embedded finance fits that ethos like a glove.

Embedded finance has become a key differentiator for brands aiming to be disruptive in a busy market. Whether you’re considering embedded finance at the start of your journey or looking to add it to your offering, there’s no easier way to set your brand a cut above the rest. But what is embedded finance and how can it help you?

Game-changing finance for game-changing businesses

Embedded finance isn’t just about making the flow of payments faster and simpler – although that is certainly part of it. It’s about digitising the archaic, whether that’s processing payments, issuing loans and cards or transferring funds. Whenever moving money is involved, embedded finance solutions like Weavr are aiming to rewrite the experience for customers, financial service providers and innovators alike.

For example with Weavr, businesses have the power to provision funds to users on virtual cards to pay for services or redeem rewards. Those cards can be delivered instantly, locked to specific vendors, and – with Apple Pay and Google Pay – added to a digital wallet on a device to use for physical purchases too.

The scope and flexibility of virtual cards means they’re finding their way into a hugely diverse range of use cases, from underpinning employee benefit platforms to supporting innovative healthcare and education technology.

For innovators looking to seize market share, there’s no better way to do that than by offering a platform that’s financially seamless.

Fast, flexible and affordable

Whenever we work with digital innovators, we know their three biggest priorities are always speed, budget and flexibility. 

The runway for early-stage startups is short so their solutions need to be implemented fast and without spending the earth. They also need something that’s ready to scale at will as their business grows, with functionality that can be effortlessly added in when needed.

Weavr is designed with exactly those needs in mind. Our lo-code and lo-integration system is built to plug-in with minimal effort, and there’s just a single API to work with. It also has the fastest go-live time in the market, with onboarding taking less than five weeks for clients like ThanksBen, an innovative employee benefits platform, and Finway, a finance operating system for SMEs. 

With a low set-up fee and financial services that can simply be plugged in, there’s no huge spend or resources needed to get going with Weavr. We also offer a suite of functionality covered by dynamic pricing that can be switched on or off with the press of a button – if you want to experiment with adding new currencies, digital wallet capabilities or card options, it’s right there at your fingertips without additional contracts to commit to.

Embedded finance is within reach – so grab it

Embedded finance isn’t just for the traditional financial services providers anymore. Uptake is surging in every industry, and as adoption grows the tech is only going to get more accessible and more powerful.

For many early-stage businesses it’s easy to see embedded finance as something that’s too costly, too complicated or just not necessary right now. But Weavr’s plug-and-play finance platform offers the most accessible cost in the market, the simplest way to access financial capabilities, while we handle all compliance so the burden isn’t on you.

Once it’s plugged in, you can start taking advantage of the ease of use and next-level customer experience to leap ahead of the rest of the market. So if you’re a digital disruptor, prioritising embedded finance should be on your agenda.

If you are still a bit confused about embedded finance we have created a guide to explain what is embedded finance and answer all your questions.

If you’re looking to embed finance into your business whether your offering is an application, marketplace or platform, set up a meeting with one of our experts in your industry and request a demo.