When it comes to employee perks, “one-size-fits-all” is yesterday’s model. With the help of embedded finance, Club Employés has put in place the final piece of the employee benefits jigsaw: the freedom of employees to choose and pay for precisely what they want, where they want. 

Club Employés was conceived in 2016 with the desire to bring what it calls “a little wind of revolution” to the employee benefit market. With more than 5,000 clients and a million users, that little wind is proving to be remarkably powerful. 

Just like Club Employés, Weavr likes to think big and wide on the subject of user-enablement, which is why we’re delighted to have partnered with them on the latest stage of their development journey. 

So are you delivering enough freedom on purchasing and payment?

For an idea of what’s possible within your own platform with the help of an embedded finance solution, this case study should provide food for thought…

The challenge: never stand still…

Club Employés and Weavr embedded finance: re-imagining employee benefits

A couple of years ago, Club Employés was already well on track. With a successful funding round under its belt, this exciting new employee benefits specialist was picking up new business customers into the hundreds each month, and a cumulative user base that was fast approaching the million mark.

What really sets Club Employés apart is its constantly-expanding catalogue of benefits. Hundred of thousands of discounted offers all year round, special travel rates, discounted subscriptions, brand-specific gift cards: all of this and more means that employers can give their people access to an amazing range of perks via a super-intuitive platform.

So far, so good; but even with all this, the company realised that there was scope to do more; a thought process we discussed when we sat down with Club Employés CEO, Romain Rostagnet. Romain flagged up three key drivers that led the company to explore adding one very important extra element of functionality: 

Driver 1: Shifting expectations

Who says no to free money? Gifts and offers have a timeless appeal; it’s just that especially in today’s climate, people’s definition of value and benefit tends to reach way beyond a desire for yet more ‘free stuff’. 

As Romain explains, Covid and the latest cost of living crisis have both left their imprint on user attitudes. “Hunting out the best deals” is now second nature, with a laser focus on “What do I really need?”. 

Romain also points out how, for employees, “Expectations surrounding payment experiences are driven by their everyday lives”. New tech has of course had a massive impact: “Apple Pay and Google Pay make it very easy to do exactly what you want with your money right now. Workers increasingly want the exact same thing in their employee benefit experience”.  

Driver 2: Satisfying all of the people all of the time 

Workers aren’t identikit drones. The ‘average’ workforce is increasingly made up of an amazingly diverse bunch of individuals, all with their own needs and preferences. And with the continued popularity of hybrid and remote working, even a small, single-branch business might not even have shared locality in common.

That awesome offer on bespoke personal training may be just what Employee A needs; but to Employee B, it sounds like their worst nightmare. Even with a huge catalogue of perks to choose from, there’s always a risk that some employees may feel underwhelmed. 

Club Employés challenge defined: “How do we enhance our existing offering, by equipping end-users with the power to purchase precisely what they want – where they want?”  

The embedded finance journey: why Weavr?

Romain highlights three reasons why Club Employés chose to partner with Weavr to embed the capabilities it needed to meet the challenge it was faced with: 

For me, the most important factor was the relationship we have with your team, and the feeling that through the decision-making process, your people helped us a lot to prepare”. 

Flexibility was key. “We are a young company with limited resources. Weavr got this, and was fully able to adapt the project and process to make it feasible”. 

Weavr’s familiarity with the regulatory aspects of the project was also crucial. “Weavr was able to manage all of the compliance issues, which meant we could focus our efforts on the development of the project”. 

The embedded finance solution

Club Employés partnered with Weavr to integrate our solution for employee benefits, including the creation of employee debit cards. Budget and other controls are handled by the employer via the Club platform. Once allocated with their card, employees can choose to buy what they want, when they want, and from who they want, subject to the controls set by their employer. 

What this means for Club Employés, its customers, and end-users 

Club Employés and Weavr embedded finance: re-imagining employee benefits

Club Employés’ range of online store items and promotions accessible directly through its platform gets stronger by the day. But alongside this, employees get something more: the ability to redeem their allocated benefit wherever and on whatever they like. 

  • End-users get complete freedom of spend, while still being able to tap into the special offers and other advantages that come from being part of the club. 
  • Employers (i.e. solution owners) get to roll out a benefits framework to employees that covers every possible employee need state (i.e. the ability to tell employees you can redeem the club exclusives as and when you want, but you still have the ability to spend your benefit on whatever and wherever you like).
  • Club Employés is able to provide a more complete offering that manages to blend exclusive benefits and freedom of spend perfectly.

The embedded finance impact: what does the future hold? 

Having launched the new embedded payments functionality towards the end of 2023, Romain predicts a significant increase in user benefit utilisation (from 60%, to 80-90%), together with the allocation of 100,000 debit cards over the next 12 months. So far, customer growth and the development of vendor partnerships has been focused exclusively on the French market – but international expansion is very much part of the longer-term plan… 

Romain Rostagnat

Club Employés has been in pursuit of revolutionising the employee benefits landscape since 2016, offering businesses an efficient route to improving employee satisfaction. We chose Weavr as it was the most complete solution that offers the best combination of speed to market, simplicity to run and seamless customer experience. In the next phase of Club Employés development, as we are confident the team will help us with our international expansion and product development goals.

Alex Mifsud

At Weavr, we’re passionate about using embedded finance to revolutionise existing industries by injecting additional value through integrating financial services. This is especially true with Club Employés’ employee benefits solution, which directly targets the very real issue of employee churn resulting from a lack of appreciation in the workplace. We’re excited to see how embedded finance transforms the freedoms of these end users.

Find out more about embedded finance: re-imagining employee benefits… 

For Club Employés the journey into embedded finance was triggered by the need to inject an added element of flexibility into an already compelling product offering. Want to explore further what embedded finance can bring to your business?

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