Today, we are introducing the new Weavr Multi API version 3 – built from scratch to offer an easier and more intuitive integration experience.

Can’t wait to dive in? You can find the API docs and accompanying guides here. 

Read on to learn more about today’s release:

You asked, we listened

Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us shape the new Weavr Multi API. From customer workshops, to sharing your experiences while integrating, you have given lots of feedback over the past few months about what you want, need, and expect from the Weavr Multi API. As a result, we have built a new API that is more flexible and intuitive.  

Speed up your integration

Integrating with an API can be repetitive and time consuming, that’s why the new Weavr Multi API embraces the OpenAPI specification. You can use publicly available code generators to generate your code, so that you can focus on implementing business logic.  

Communication is key

We recognise that being able to find what you need, when you need it, is essential. Whether that be an answer to your banking services related question, or technical integration guides, we’re committed to making your life as easy as possible. So, we have launched a new API Documentation site and Guides portal

  • Documentation that’s easy on the AP-I
    • You’ll find our API documentation now has a cleaner, sleeker look. 
  • Documentation as diverse as our users
    • As our customer base has grown, so has its diversity. We’re committed to making our solution as accessible as possible, but recognise this is an ongoing journey. One of the first steps we’ve taken, is to include code snippets in different languages so that you can get started quickly –  whatever environment you are using.
  • Guides 
    • We’ve published a fresh guides portal with more information to help you get started. 
What’s new?

At Weavr, we believe that you shouldn’t have to become a Banker, to offer finance services. Finance should be accessible to all – and the boring mechanics of it should be left to the experts, so that you can focus on what really matters to you and your business. With Weavr Multi, businesses across all industries can integrate finance services, from card issuance to account generation, into their solution – whatever industry they’re in, with ease. 

To enable this, we have built the Weavr Multi API to cater for a diverse set of use cases so that you can build specialised solutions for your customers. All while making sure that it is simple and easy for you to integrate with. And, we do it all without getting in the way. We have built a non-opinionated API so that you can build whatever you want. 


The first wave of updates to the API include:
  • Upgradable Accounts
    • We recognise that a one-size fits all solution doesn’t work – so we want to make things as flexible as possible for our users. That’s why we have made assigning an IBAN to an account your choice. 
    • The upgradeable accounts are also better suited for businesses who want to segregate their funds in different pots, ensuring better control and easier reconciliation. 
  • Consumers can invite users to access their account
    • Consumers can now invite additional users so that they can share accounts and cards with them.
    • This update enables use cases such as parents extending accounts and cards that they can monitor and limit, to their children.
  • More expressive API endpoints
    • Different HTTP methods are used to describe the different CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations so that your integration is more intuitive. 
    • Better error codes: each endpoint has a list of error codes that you can map with so that you can build richer user experiences for your customers.

This is just the start. We’re continually working on our tech behind the scenes so that we can roll out updates and new features to you – ensuring you have a first-class experience, every time. 

Feedback from developers like you, is what enables us to refine our solution. So we’ll be reaching out in the future to check in, learn from you and support you. Thank you for your continued support and innovation – you inspire us every day.  

Want to get started?

If you already have a Sandbox account you can start using the new Weavr Multi API today, your current API Keys will still work. Otherwise open a free sandbox account here.

The new Weavr Multi v3 API already supports all functionality offered in the current Multi v2 API and eventually, it will replace the current API.