When is Embedded Not, Actually, Embedded
18 Apr 2023 • BaaS

When is “embedded” not, actually, embedded?

Written by Alex Mifsud, CEO and Co-founder of Weavr. You learn something every day. When is embedded not actually embedded?…

Open Banking vs BaaS Embedded Finance
28 Feb 2023 • BaaS

Open Banking vs Banking-as-a-Service. What’s the difference?

How open banking and banking-as-a-service are complementary bedfellows for embedded finance.  If you’re building any kind of financial product you’ve…

Banking as a Service vs embedded finance: what’s the difference?
10 Jan 2023 • BaaS

Banking as a Service vs embedded finance: what’s the difference?

As the embedded finance industry grows, a question that often comes up from innovators and digital startup founders is: what’s…

25 Oct 2022 • BaaS

10 questions to ask BaaS suppliers

Q1. How much do I need to worry about risk and compliance? With all the elements that BaaS leaves for innovators to sort out themselves, it’s little surprise that so businesses feel like embedded finance is still out of reach for them.

Regulatory compliance: What you need to know
26 Jul 2022 • BaaS

Regulatory compliance: What you need to know

If you’re a digital innovator thinking of offering any kind of financial services within your platform, you’ll be aware of…

22 Apr 2022 • BaaS

Who benefits from embedded finance?

How much hassle do you want? Most people would wish for little or none, yet businesses are inadvertently creating it…

5 Apr 2022 • BaaS

How Plug-and-Play Finance helps you scale faster than BaaS

For digital innovators, standing still isn’t an option. Once you’ve found your product/market fit there’s no time to rest on…

22 Jun 2021 • BaaS

Embedded finance and its relatives – what’s right for your business?

The future has arrived and it looks like finance. Except of course, that finance doesn’t look like finance anymore. In…