Digital credit unlocked through embedded finance with Weavr and NUMARQE
24 Jul 2023 • Case studies

Addressing the working capital needs of the mid-market: unlocked through embedded finance

Why is embedded finance a natural fit for digital companies? And how can you get started when there seem to…

8 Dec 2022 • Case studies

Ben: building a benefits platform, powered by embedded finance

How can businesses be better equipped to support talent acquisition and retention?  For Ben, the answer was to build an…

30 Nov 2022 • Case studies

MONET: financial superpowers to smoothen creator cash flow

“With the help of our partners at Weavr, we’ve been able to get to market with verticalised banking much quicker…

Google Wallet and Apple Pay - Digital Wallets
16 Nov 2022 • B2B payments

The benefits of Google Wallet and Apple Pay in the corporate world

Mobile wallets: taking the headache away from embedded payments cards Cited as one of the top 5 payment trends to watch for…

Troc Circle embedded finance case study
1 Aug 2022 • B2B payments

Troc Circle: making money move faster in B2B marketplaces with embedded finance

“At Troc Circle, we aim to help businesses unlock capital stuck in inefficient payment supply chains. Now, with Weavr on…

18 Feb 2021 • Case studies

Congratulations to Weavr customer Ben on the announcement of their $2.5m fund raise and latest client win

Ben, is a London-based employee benefits platform that simplifies expense management for both the employer and employee. Ben have raised…