Embedded finance_ the ‘secret sauce’ for stemming employee churn
22 Mar 2023 • Employee benefits

Embedded finance: the ‘secret sauce’ for stemming employee churn?

Evidence suggests that many talented workers are restless. High proportions of the workforce are unsure whether their current position can…

8 Dec 2022 • Case studies

Ben: building a benefits platform, powered by embedded finance

How can businesses be better equipped to support talent acquisition and retention?  For Ben, the answer was to build an…

6 revolutionary ways embedded finance will help the world of work
14 Oct 2022 • Employee benefits

6 revolutionary ways embedded finance will help the world of work

From purchasing supplies to paying out salaries, finance is a huge part of the digital workplace. Historically it’s been a…

Embedded finance: bringing value into focus
11 Oct 2022 • B2B payments

Embedded finance: Bringing value into focus

We are announcing the launch of our latest whitepaper, entitled ‘Embedded finance: Bringing value into focus.’ The paper, which has…

7 Mar 2022 • Employee benefits

Are you a digital innovator? Get ahead with embedded finance

Digital innovators live at the cutting edge. They’re out to forge new paths, to do things no one else has…

18 Feb 2021 • Case studies

Congratulations to Weavr customer Ben on the announcement of their $2.5m fund raise and latest client win

Ben, is a London-based employee benefits platform that simplifies expense management for both the employer and employee. Ben have raised…