How can embedded finance supercharge your revenue?

If you're researching embedded finance companies, download our guide on the topic. It contains a snapshot of the key topics that will get you started with embedded finance.

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In this e-guide we share an overview of the key concepts that will help you take the next step towards embedding finance into your software.

We’ll cover:

  • What exactly is ’embedded finance’?
  • Predicted growth of the sector
  • Who should be considering it?
  • The benefits for B2B platforms
  • Banking as a Service vs embedded finance
  • Weavr’s plug-and-play solution
  • What you get with Plug-and-Play Finance

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Benefits to your business

Weavr is the fastest way to multiply revenue

Monetise the financial services that are now part of your application. Grow revenue, not marketing spend.

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Benefits to your business

Validate the impact quickly

Launch, validate and earn revenue from your new financial superpowers in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional Banking as a Service.

Benefits to your business

Pricing matched to your growth stage

Get what you need when you need it, whether you're launching or scaling.

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Benefits to your business

Accessible and future proof

We provide ready-made solutions complete with the technology, processes and support needed for your use case. Our plug-ins provide for your needs today and as you expand globally.

Plug-and-play financial solutions that give your software superpowers

  • Ready-made solutions

    Our plug-ins bring together everything you need to embed finance without having to factor in expensive build time, sourcing suppliers or managing complex processes.
  • No complex coding required

    We’ve created plug-ins that are use-case specific for maximum context and we radically simplify implementation with a low-code and intuitive interface. As a result, you avoid the time, cost and testing that comes with building your own solution.
  • Compliance as a Service

    There’s no need to apply for your own financial-services licence. We handle compliance, regulation and financial-data security so you can focus on what you do best - building innovation.
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