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Employee Finance Plug-In

Power employee payments for work or well-being

The Employee Finance Plug-in brings together everything you need to support employee-directed financial transactions within your SaaS application.

Today’s workforce would much rather focus on productivity and well-being than endless paperwork.
Employers want employees to be empowered and motivated but often lack the means to give them easy-yet-controlled access to the company’s money. They also struggle to empower employees to purchase the stuff they need for their work, the benefits that they actually want as well as the occasional rewards for being awesome.

Your SaaS platform for employee interactions can turn finance from a friction into a winning feature. But, there’s a significant hurdle to overcome.
While offering access to financial services to employees within an application is compelling, the resources required are prohibitive and dauntingly complex whether you’re designing from scratch or adding features to your existing solution.

Then there’s the burden of compliance, regulation and data security that comes with it all.

Weavr changes the equation.

Power employee payments

  • Segregate specific funds accessible to employees for benefits and expenses purposes
  • Set budgets and controls for specific purposes
  • Make funds available through appropriate payment methods and form factors, including virtual and plastic cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, credit transfers and direct debits
  • Easily on-board employees and safely off-board them when they leave

Illustration of app user interfaces for updating financial rules, creating payment cards, and onboarding users in embedded finance

Supercharge your application

Weavr keeps it simple – you don’t need to build anything nor worry about how it all works. That’s why we’re the fastest route to market for any innovator building solutions in the employee-finance space:

5x your revenue

Embedding financial services can grow revenue-per-user by up to 5x

source: a16z
Sharpen customer acquisition

85% of companies that implement embedded finance report that it helps them acquire new customers.

source: Plaid x Accenture
Reduce churn

Bringing payment flows into your product improves their experience and satisfaction, reducing attrition.

Employee Finance Plug-in: what’s included

Case studies

Need some inspiration?
Check out the innovative examples of the Employee Finance Plug-in at work:

Employee benefits

Providing a tailored, digital, benefits package significantly increases employee satisfaction, increasing retention, and making it easier for companies to scale. But building that programme is painful. Ben, a B2B employee benefits platform, makes that easy for businesses.
Employers manage the set of benefits provided to employees, e.g. gaining access to preferred rates on a wide selection of local and global insurance benefits
Employees are given a personal budget to pay for the benefits that most appeal to them
Weavr’s Employee Financial Plug-in powers the cards that employers give their employees use to choose their benefits and also enables automatic payment reconciliation
Thanks to Weavr’s pre-approved payment models, their time-to-market cannot be beaten. Coupled with the quality of support we have received and the flexibility of the solution - For a young company who needs to get a product out quickly, there is no better solution in the UK.
Sebastian Fallert

Expense management

Every employer wants their employees to be able to do their jobs, free from paperwork and bureaucracy. If they’re filling in a form to claim for a work expense, they aren’t being productive. Expenses management should be controlled and reconciled with minimum fuss. Meet finway.
finway makes financial processes in SMEs as simple and intuitive as they should be in a digital world. All invoices, subscriptions, approval processes and smart company cards united on one holistic platform
Weavr’s Employee Financial Plug-in powers the cards that employers give their employees to make purchases and IBANs for the storage and transfer of funds
When we were looking for an embedded finance provider, we weren’t just buying a service. Instead, we were looking for a partner with whom we could work long term. Besides issuing both physical and virtual cards, we loved Weavr’s outlook of what we can do regarding the product in the future.
Csaba Krümmer
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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