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Supplier Finance Plug-in

Power B2B payments for back-office teams

The Supplier Finance Financial Plug-in includes everything you need to power payments within your accounting, marketplace or other back-office B2B SaaS platform.

Embedded finance plugin

Getting paid and paying suppliers - back-office processes aren’t usually the most-loved of tasks but they’re definitely amongst the most important
Much effort goes into tracking, executing and reconciling payments from customers or to suppliers - often across countries, currencies and timezones. As the business grows, so too does the workload and the impact on the bottom line. Thankfully, many B2B solutions exist to help businesses make such tasks much easier. Perhaps you’re building one.

However, few solutions provide an end-to-end service that also takes care of a key aspect - enabling all payments to be made and received fully within the B2B solution. In many cases, handling payments means logging into an application to move money, missing out on the superior convenience, control and efficiency that can be delivered by a joined-up solution.
Embedding the movement of money into such a service is the ideal user experience but it has long been out of reach for many.

Why is that?

Whether you’re designing a solution from scratch or adding features to your existing accounting, invoicing or other supplier-related platform, the cost of building the financial infrastructure required is prohibitive. Then there’s the burden of compliance, regulation and data security that comes with it all.

Weavr changes the equation.

Power supplier payments

  • Segregate specific funds that are accessible to employees to pay suppliers
  • Automate reconciliation of funds against invoices and/or funding
  • Set budgets and controls for specific purposes
  • Make funds available through appropriate payment methods and form factors, including virtual and plastic cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, credit transfers and direct debits
  • On-board and off-board account holders safely

Mind map diagram listing embedded finance capabilities from Weavr for smarter business payments, such as automated reconciliation and instant supplier payments

Supercharge your business application

Weavr’s Supplier Finance Plug-in brings together everything you need to embed financial services into your accounting or other B2B SaaS solution while delivering a range of benefits to your own business:

5x your revenue

Embedding financial services can grow revenue-per-user by up to 5x

source: a16z
Automate processes to improve accuracy

Over 80% of C-suite executives report a loss in revenue due to miscommunication in the invoice-to-cash cycle

source: Plaid x Accenture
User base growth

85% of companies that implement embedded finance report that it helps them acquire new customers

source: FinTech Times
Reduce churn

Bringing payment flows into your product improves user experience and satisfaction, thus reducing attrition

Supplier Finance Plug-in: what’s included

Case studies

Need some inspiration?
Check out the innovative examples of the Supplier Finance Plug-in at work:

Unlock funds stuck in chains

Through chain-netting payments, Troc Circle unlocks the trillions of pounds trapped within inefficient global supply chains and turns a cost that businesses typically absorb into funds in their credit facility.
Troc Circle needed a partner that could guarantee sellers would be able to collect payments instantly and at a low cost
Weavr provides the technical and legal framework required to onboard merchants and sellers, while also allowing payments to be processed via its virtual card solution
Weavr’s solution was easy to integrate with Troc Circle's existing ERP
The plug-in also improved Troc Circle's KYC and compliance checks, both fundamental requirements of offering any financial service
We aim to help businesses unlock capital stuck in inefficient payment supply chains. With Weavr, we’re able to offer this service as a seamless, digital product. After just a few weeks of collaboration, we have built a disruptive solution, which goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations.
Fares Hobeiche
Co-founder and CEO
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