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Worker Finance Plug-in

Power payments for a new kind of worker

The Worker Finance Plug-in enables your platform to power payments for freelancers, gig workers, creators and influencers of any type. Give them the financial tools they need to manage cash flow, make payments and reduce admin so they can focus on growing revenue.

Embedded finance plugin

A new, freer breed of worker - be they artists, influencers, copywriters or delivery drivers - values the flexibility to do what they want, where they want and for whom they want. However, these pluses often result in less reliable cash flow as well as the addition of the paperwork associated with handling multiple clients and suppliers.

Innovation to the rescue. Some gig-economy platforms exist to help freelancers find work, some help them to better manage their finances and others provide additional benefits such as insurance.
All of these platforms share several financial requirements, such as the ability to onboard new freelancers, help them get paid and manage their earnings. Perhaps you're building one.

Whether you’re designing your solution from scratch or adding features to your existing platform, the cost of building the financial infrastructure is prohibitive - not to mention the compliance, regulation and data security that comes with it all.

Weavr changes the equation.

Power payments for gigs

  • Pay gig workers instantly or ahead of their next invoice
  • Provide just-in-time funding for expenses incurred
  • Make funds available through convenient payment methods and form factors, including virtual and plastic cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and credit transfers
  • Enable saving-for-taxes-due to ease tax worries
  • Provide insight into cash flow and expenditure
  • Set budgets and controls for specific purposes

Mind map diagram showing ideas for smarter gig worker payments, such as branded debit cards and payment notifications, as well as gig platform finance automation

Supercharge your application

Worker Finance Plug-in brings together everything you need to embed financial services into your freelancer solution while delivering a range of benefits to your own business:

5x your revenue

Embedding financial services can grow revenue-per-user by up to 5x

source: a16z
Sharpen customer acquisition

85% of companies that implement embedded finance report that it helps them acquire new customers.

source: FinTech Times
Reduce churn

Bringing payment flows into your product improves their experience and satisfaction, reducing attrition.

Worker Finance Plug-in: what’s included

Case studies

Need some inspiration?
Check out the innovative examples of the Worker Finance Plug-in at work:

Tools for creators

These days, people of all professions have the opportunity to monetise their skills outside of the traditional employer-employee relationship. But going solo as a 'creator' is less secure and sometimes creators need cash flow now, not next week. MONET provides the answer.
MONET offers unique business tools to manage multi-stream income and smoothen cash-flow
Creators can be paid upfront by MONET for invoices due from suppliers, with funds pushed directly into their virtual credit account
MONET gives its customers a Creator Card so that creators can start spending their earnings instantly
Weavr’s Worker Finance Plug-in powers the Creator Card, virtual credit account and the ability to manage payments within the MONET app
With the help of our partners at Weavr, we’ve been able to get to market with verticalised finance much quicker than we initially anticipated. Weavr has given us a cost-effective BaaS solution to bring MONET to life for UK creators in a safe and regulatory-compliant manner
Jake Casson
Founder and CEO of MONET
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