Pricing to help you launch and scale

Weavr gets you to market faster and is priced to help you succeed.
  • Launch

    Get up and running with your new embedded finance programme in a few weeks. No need for multiple vendor integrations, compliance expertise, or prior fintech experience.
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    £ 1,947 / 2,375 per month

    Why choose Launch?

    • Everything you need to launch and run your first embedded finance use case
    • Accounts and payments charges included within usage thresholds
    • Available for approved B2B payments use cases in EU and UK*

    *Use cases available for Launch plans include:

    Talk to Weavr about your intended use case and we’ll help match it up with the solution you need.

  • Scale

    Scale maximises value for businesses with greater transaction volume through enhanced capabilities and improved unit economics. Let's talk to see if Scale is right for you.
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    Why choose Scale?

    • Benefit from lower costs as your embedded finance programme grows
    • Wider range of use cases possible, including consumer payments
    • Custom plug-in development for ambitious embedders