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What Is Meta?

Our white labelled technology platform

Technology to go

Plug in your own financial services or your own banking partners.
Meta gives you access to the core tech behind our API-first banking platform. If you’re a financial institution wanting to offer support for embedded banking, then Meta is for you.

Meta enables you to bring together multiple banking and payments partners into a single platform. Your own internal virtual global bank designed just how you need it to power your business.
Your virtual banking platform
Deliver embedded banking
Create new banking solution
An embedded banking ecosystem

Your connected, expandable and future-proofed platform for embedded banking

Connective architecture
Re-use or create integrations to any banking and payments vendor to create a suite of interoperable services.
Transaction control
Control transaction processing across multiple payment instruments and even across multiple financial institutions.
Lo-code banking Logic
Define and automatically create sophisticated banking logic with a simple lo-code scripting language.
Sensitive data isolation
Comprehensive tokenization delivers banking and payments products that can be integrated by third-parties without handling sensitive data.
Publish APIs and SDKs
Complete toolkit for creating and delivering secure and flexible API-first banking and payments solutions.
Rapid banking application development
An integrated development environment to rapidly create banking and payment solutions, from design to implementation to testing and launch.

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