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What Is Mono?

Issue cards and IBANs for your business, and manage all your banking activity via API.

Back-office banking

Your banking for your systems
Mono gives you complete control over your banking and payments – all via API.
Generate cards, transfer funds, optimise reconciliation and more.
Automate your banking processes
Control your payments
Unlock extra revenue
API-first banking

Straight-forward API implementation and easy registration

Back-office ready
Easily integrate with your ERP, RPA and other IT systems.
Faster reconciliation
Enrich transaction data to make reconciliation a breeze.
Manage risk
From single use cards, to transaction controls, to activity alerts - you can restrict, monitor and intervene to prevent fraud.
Spend controls
Program spend limits, restrict purchase types, enable only named merchants. Fine grain controls for peace of mind.
Increase Revenue
Optimise working capital, FX, cashback and cost.
In platform notifications
Receive real-time notifications of events as they happen - such as when funds hit your account or when a purchase has been made.

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