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What Is Multi?

Issue cards and IBANs for your customer via a white labelled API.

Banking as a Service

Don’t ask your customers to go to the bank. Bring the bank to your customers.
Multi allows you to issue cards and accounts to your customers. By embedding banking within your product, you can unlock invaluable insight into your customers spending habits, and provide them with a better experience. What's more, you can do all of this without touching their money via our white-labelled APIs.
Banking in context
Complete control
Better Risk Management
Embeddable Banking

Banking in context, seamlessly integrated.

Issue cards and IBANs
Enable your customers to receive, send and spend their money over the world’s payment networks.
Give customers control
Give your customers better controls over their payments through your application.
Easy onboarding
Leave the pain of due diligence in our hands and onboard customers without hassle.
Manage risk
From single use cards, to transaction controls, to activity alerts - you can restrict, monitor and intervene to prevent fraud.
Seamless customer experience
Create a personalised and sleek experience for your customer.
Increase revenue
Define your own end-customer fees. We'll collect them for you along with your revenues from FX and commercial card purchases.

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