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Embedded finance for a Cashless Society

Build a fully-integrated finance infrastructure within your digital product in days.

Going cashless

Towards a cashless society
Payments flow through every aspect of our lives. Whether it is buying a coffee or paying for a taxi. So it’s no surprise that in the digital age, technology is moving to make these processes smoother. Cash has a few remaining holdouts like tipping, street vending, parking and transport, but these are being driven out in the interest of safety and hygiene. There’s big money to be made in small change.
Less contact, more hygiene
A world of wearables
Changing small change

Case study

ProxiSmart is a Dragons' Den backed business who's flagship solution, ParkingPerx, rewards consumer spending on the High Street with free parking
Instead of spending months becoming agnostic to all car parking operators, ParkingPerx built an integrated payment solution with Weavr.
Weavr helps ParkingPerx issue physical cards to their customers, that automatically get loaded any time a customer makes a qualified purchase and earns a reward. Through Weavr, ParkingPerx can then restrict that spend to the payment machines that are part of their scheme.
Weavr’s solution provided us with the platform to accelerate our route to market. We were faced with developing multiple integrations across many third-party stakeholders. Working with Weavr removed the need to carry out a long and complex build and meant we could take advantage of favourable market forces that we may have otherwise missed. Founders often have to compromise on their vision upon discovering the infrastructure or ecosystem it relies on does not support their business model perfectly. Weavr’s entrepreneurial mindset and extensive payments expertise allowed us to embed a payments solution that complemented our business model in a way we previously thought impossible.
Chris Reed
Founder and Managing Director

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