Embedded Banking for Financially Integrated Digital Businesses

Create better experiences with your customers’ money as you do with their data, to deliver more value and win more customers.

Banking in the Digital Age

A perfect opportunity to put money in context
Customers don’t want financial services. They want what financial services make possible: the realisation of dreams, safety for their families, security in old age.

In the digital age, customers expect money to be an integral part of the solution they use - not to be sent to their wallet, or their bank. The businesses that get this will win.

It has traditionally been difficult to become Financially Integrated – until now.
Create more value
Increase revenue per user
Reduce churn

Case study

myskillcamp is an online platform that gives employees control over their development, enabling them to discover courses and learning opportunities, secure and manage training budgets, and complete learning and training activities efficiently.
Through Weavr, myskillcamp are able to implement an integrated solution for making funding available for training, providing the means to pay for training and learning activities and controls over such expenditure.
Weavr helps myskillcamp empower employees while providing oversight and controls to management over training procurement to their customers.
Working with Weavr allows us to drive more value to our customers than competing solutions. Weavr’s solution is easy to use and enables us to automate processes, minimising the time and effort we need to invest in completing things like KYB/KYC checks. The time that Weavr saves us can be put straight back into driving strategic business objectives and ultimately helping our customers. With Weavr, we always stay one step ahead of the competition.
Rémy Gerin
Product Manager

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