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Embedded Finance for the Future of Work

New applications and services are needed as ways of working evolve. Make finance part of the solution.

The world of work is changing

Finance should be too
The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift in an already changing world of work. Increasingly, people are working remotely, learning online and finding alternative sources of income in the digital world. Huge numbers of gig workers are entering the market, sometimes out of economic necessity. Traditional models of collaborating, communicating, hiring, and managing teams are being questioned and transformed. With employees becoming more autonomous as they work remotely, many employers have been left scrambling to catch up - they still need to provide oversight, as well as motivation and rewards for employees, after all. These changes are creating a demand for new applications and services, with finance and payments embedded within them to make them more efficient, attractive, and economical.
Serve the Gig Economy
Enable Next Gen Employee Benefits
Empower Remote Workers

Case study

ThanksBen is an employee benefits platform that simplifies expense management for both the employer and employee.
Through Weavr, ThanksBen are able to combine payments infrastructure with a marketplace to provide a sleek and simple solution to employee benefits.
Weavr supply ThanksBen with integrated corporate wallets and card issuing capabilities. They also automate their reconciliation through the easy-to-use portal.
Thanks to Weavr’s pre-approved payment models, their time-to-market cannot be beaten. Coupled with the quality of support we have received and the flexibility of the solution - For a young company who needs to get a product out quickly, there is no better solution in the UK.
Sebastian Fallert
CEO and Co-Founder

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