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Embedded Finance for Real Estate

Build a fully-integrated finance infrastructure within your digital product in days.

The world of Real Estate is changing

Finance should be too
The usefulness of technology in real estate is undoubtable. From property management platforms to rental marketplaces, technology is driving innovation in this space. But the payment flows involved in such solutions often remain clunky. Whether it be requiring a renter to physically go into an estate agents office to process a holding deposit on a flat, or a Landlord needing to pay multiple different parties for maintenance on a property - the money exchange is inefficient. Embedding finance within such technology will further disrupt the Real Estate space - powering an improved user experience and reducing manual outputs.
Simpler property management
Improved reconciliation
Better rental experience

Case study

Payvica is an innovative new application that enables companies to decentralise their purchasing process. With Payvica, the expense management process is seamless, easy, and above all, fast. Employees are empowered to request a purchase via the Payvica app, and with just one click, managers approve the request, and a virtual card is instantaneously created and sent to the employee.
Weavr’s plug-and-play embedded finance solution enables Payvica clients to automatically issue virtual cards to their employees directly within the application, the second an expense is approved. Their clients can also use Weavr virtual cards to manage subscriptions, allowing greater control over subscriptions that just keep on rolling!
The expense management process is immediate, companies not only cut down the time and hassle of managing expenses, by eradicating the need to chase employees for receipts and invoices, but reconciliation is now fast and pain free. The Weavr virtual cards also ensure certainty and security and puts companies firmly in the driver’s seat in managing expenses.
Embedding Weavr’s virtual card solution into our application has allowed us to create an easy, secure and transparent expense approval process for clients and their employees. Weavr guided us quickly through the set up and integration, a process that, had we undertaken it ourselves, would have been arduous and lengthy.

The Payvica application helps organisations across a wide array of industries, but we are seeing Property Technology focused firms as early adopters, who are using the application to seamlessly manage expenses for rental properties and second homes.
Josef Nevoral

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