Embed financial features into your UX, seamlessly

From payments in accounting apps to employee benefits cards, learn how embedded finance unlocks innovation.
  • Rapid time to market
  • Fully-supported compliant operations
  • High-performance, scalable architecture

Supercharge your product with new financial capabilities

Ready-to-run solutions

We bring together payment-card issuing, e-money wallets, and more into a full-stack solution for your use case. Build, launch, and scale much faster.

Compliance built-in

Thanks to proven design patterns and subject-matter expertise, we are able to offer non-financial product businesses access to powerful financial capabilities.

Developer-friendly toolkit

Whether you’re working on a popular use case or creating something unique for your users, you’ll find our full APIs, developer guides, and hands-on support bring your ideas to life at high speed.

Explore use cases

Discover how embedded finance drives a smarter UX for financial and HR software.

Employee benefits

Unlock engagement in your employee benefits platform with embedded spend cards

Expenses management

Build control and convenience into your how your software manages business expenses

Accounts payable

Make Accounts Payable payable with seamless payment-execution capabilities

SaaS Subscriptions

Level up your SaaS licensing-management platform with embedded payments

Embedded finance toolkit

Create a smarter and more powerful UX while keeping your brand experience intact.
Virtual cards
Virtual cards
Provide Mastercard virtual cards instantly and securely, without handling protected PCI-DSS data, and with a choice of 3DS methods.
Physical cards
Physical cards
Design and deliver physical payment cards to customers, including contactless and configurable ATM use.
Embedded on-boarding
Embeddable onboarding
Embed our compliance components and we'll handle the complete KYC and KYB service to verify and onboard new financial services customers.
Instant IBANS
Open IBAN-enabled accounts instantly in GBP and EUR. We support both consumer and business accounts, subject to status.
Credit transfers
Inbound credit transfers
Customers can load funds or receive payments via incoming wire transfers via UK Faster Payments (GBP), plus SEPA (EUR) including SEPA Instant. Business customers can also optionally fund accounts via USD transfers.
Credit transfers
Outbound credit transfers
Customers can withdraw funds or send payments via outgoing wire transfers via UK Faster Payments (GBP), plus SEPA (EUR) including SEPA Instant - secured with Strong Customer Authentication.
Interactive data
Interactive data manager
Access and interact with all the financial data generated by customer activity in your programme. Our analytics dashboards facilitate customer support and trends analysis.
Realtime notifications
Real-time notifications
Keep end customers up-to-date with real-time notifications about every financial transaction, and pre-built card and account statements.

Financial features without becoming a fintech

Now non-financial products can offer features once exclusive to traditional banking and payments services. With Weavr, you can innovate with finance without becoming a fintech.
  • Core financial services
  • Compliance and support services
  • Pre-composed payments stack

Complete embedded finance solution

Financial instruments

Work with powerful cards, accounts, and payments constructs through API calls – all within proven guardrails of financial models and risk controls.

Programme success

At Weavr it’s not just about building and launching fast: it’s about running embedded finance in a way that’s sustainably successful. We provide a comprehensive network of support for your operations, product, dev, ops, and commercial teams.

Secure, trusted systems

In fintech and payments a huge challenge is securing identity, authentication, and authorisations so that customers are in control of their money, and fraud is prevented. We don’t leave you to figure this out alone: with Weavr you get proven options for securing payments and sensitive account accounts, that work out of the box.

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How fast can I get set up with embedded finance?

With Weavr, you can get from prototyping to live transactions in your app within five weeks. Because we’ve already taken care of putting together all the parts you need to integrate powerful financial features into your application, development time only depends on configuration, testing, and integration with your application stack. This allows our customers to get new applications into production in weeks, compared to the months or even years that it takes for businesses working with financial institutions and piecing together compliance, anti-fraud, and other required elements by themselves.

Do I need experience with fintech?

No prior banking or payments technology experience is needed in your team. Weavr’s mission is to make adding financial features to your applications as easy as plug-and-play. So we’ve done the heavy lifting on both the technology and regulatory complexities of building and running embedded finance, allowing you to focus on the innovative use cases you’re going to bring to market. The sky’s the limit!

What are the costs involved?

Weavr is free to your developers to experiment with in our sandbox. Once you are ready to work on your live business applications, you’ll see our pricing is as simple as everything else you get from Weavr. We include as much as possible under single flat monthly fees that match your business stage, and allow you to calculate variable costs (e.g. per transaction fees) in a transparent manner. Please see our pricing overview here.

How does regulatory compliance work?

We don’t require your business to get its own licence as a regulated financial institution. Weavr plug-ins deliver you an immediately usable package of features which include built-in compliance. One important aspect of this is that your business does not need to handle sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers: our technology segregates this data securely while ensuring you can still customise the design and content of the user experience of financial workflows within your applications.

Can I add new features to the scope later?

We are adding new features constantly, such as new payment methods, supported currencies and countries, authentication options, and fine-grained configuration controls. Core features are available as fast as you are ready to integrate them into your application’s workflows. Certain other features not core to plug-ins are available as add-ons to your subscription. If your business requires features that you can’t see in our plug-in, talk to us about our roadmap and support for custom embedded finance integrations.

Can I track usage of financial features?

Your business will have access to a full range of data around user workflow steps and statuses, API usage, financial actions via webhooks, aggregated analytics, and flexible reporting options. We make this easy to track and report on via a built-in visual BI dashboard. We aim to give your product teams everything they need to know to gain insights into financial feature usage and customer success.

How can I test out Weavr’s technology?

Developers can jump straight into our API documentation and free sandbox access. To discuss business requirements and your embedded finance innovation ideas, we’d love to talk.