Business-to-Consumer Virtual Cards

Create payouts or virtual cards via API and deliver to any email, phone number or app.

Virtual cards are delivered securely and fund remain with sender If rejected or expires.

Every step: issuing the payment, receipt, and acceptance generate notification events that can be used to create a rich experience for both sender and recipient of the payment.

Use business payouts for

  • Reward and Incentive payments

    Incentives for purchases made or loyalty given by consumers to the corporate.
  • Instant Payouts

    for example of wins and rewards – may be used for online games, lotteries, gambling.
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses

    Set up is easy and all our tools are free to setup which means you can cancel anytime.
  • Restricted-Spend Vouchers

    Such as use-restricted educational vouchers for apprentices and students to purchase educational materials.
  • Compensation payments

    to customers alongside rich and interactive messaging content such as voice messages and a choice of items with instant purchase.

Adaptive and scalable

Weavr has launched in the EEA and is currently supporting 3 currencies and one card scheme. Watch this space as more are added.


Our pricing strikes a balance between being simple and competitive. There are no setup fees and no minimum monthly payments. Just buy a bundle of services that’s right for you and once you’ve used it up, get another one.

For more information on our pricing please contact us.

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