Working with Weavr

Virtual cards are a powerful, flexible and accessible form of payment account covered by Electronic Money regulation and card scheme guarantees of payment and service delivery.

How virtual cards work

A virtual card works like any Visa or Mastercard card online — all the usual 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3-digit security code are there.

It is issued and delivered instantly and securely in electronic form to any browser, device or system. No plastic is needed for online transactions.

A virtual card is available to anyone whether or not they have a bank account and regardless of their credit score, because it is prepaid or debit.

With Weavr, you do not have to be an expert in transaction processing or worry about the security and compliance aspects of managing virtual card payments. All that complexity is kept under the hood while you get the fine-grain controls you need to create the experience and processes you want.

That’s where Payments Models come in.

How payment models work

A Payment Model puts into a single package all the diverse components of a payment solution like virtual cards, transactions, funding accounts, user security credentials into configurable and easy-to-deploy package. We currently offer 3 simple but powerful Payment Models.

Choose payment model
Payment models are pre-built templates for payment flows. Pick the preferred Payment Model for your application, configure it and get the API key.
Integrate and test
Use Swagger to test the APIs and then integrate with your website, mobile app or enterprise IT system. Test on your staging version or use our simulator to cover different scenarios.
Get approved & Launch
To go live, verify your identity and submit for final approval by our financial partners. Then simply buy service bundles and launch!

How our pricing works

No Set-up Fees

Setting up complex payment solutions normally involves expensive projects with many partners. With Weavr setting up is easily done through a self-service guided interface and therefore it’s free.

Transactions Fees

You only pay when you’re processing live real-money transactions, and even then, you only pay for what you’re planning to use.

You’re always in control

No long-term contracts – we don’t need them because we only want you to commit to what you are confident of using. We will do everything we can to make sure our service is right for you, but if for any reason it isn’t, then you’re not locked in.


You pay for Weavr transactions and service activities like customer verifications by purchasing the service bundles. Each bundle is paid for in advance and once it has been used up or has expired, then you’ll need to buy a new one to continue using Weavr for live transactions and with real customers.

Pick your speed

We will leave it to you to start small with a slow-and-steady ramp or go large quickly. Small service bundles cost a tiny fraction of what it normally takes to get started, but you will pay more for every transaction or service activity. Large service bundles offer lower cost for each transactions or service activity but you’ll need to commit to the volume. And remember that bundles expire after a time so don’t buy more than you’re sure you’re going to use.

Ready to start building?