Embedded Payment Run BETA

Make Accounts Payable payable

Add seamless payment-execution capabilities to your application
Now these apps have payment powers:
  • Cloud accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial ops
  • Procure-to-pay
  • AP spend managment

Automate payments execution for finance teams

Plug in ready-made financial features so finance teams can automate end-to-end payment runs in your app

Easy payment runs,
fully integrated into your UX

With payments and automation now part of your app, users spend less time on manual steps

A seamless, smarter process

Eliminate break points, delays, and limitations associated with legacy business banking

Select & authorise

Easily review unpaid items. Prepare an individual payable or batch payment run. Business review and approval steps

Fund & confirm

Select funding source and confirm sufficient funds. Bring in cash to payment account. Payment run is validated

Execute & notify

Complete payment now from within your application. Instant settlement. Real-time notifications on transaction status

Everything you need

The completeness of the Embedded Payment Run solution means you can prototype and go live 10x faster
Turn any payable into a “pay now” workflow, all in your own brand/UX
Authorise and execute instant payments with real-time status
Batch up payables in a “payment run”
Deliver real-time payment status notifications to the right stakeholders
Link external business bank accounts for balance checks and just-in-time funding for payments
Support approved payees management

Ready-to-run embedded payments essentials

In addition to the use-case-specific financial features described above, you get access to so much more when you use Weavr tools.
Compliance built in
  • KYB onboarding system
  • Anti-fraud monitoring
  • Strong Customer Authentication
Programme management tools
  • Built-in account reports and statements
  • Customer and transaction analytics
  • Billing engine and fee collection
Developer-friendly toolkit
  • Free-to-use developer sandbox with transaction simulator
  • Fully cloud-based financial services infrastructure
  • Comprehensive expert support

Launch on your timescale

Happier users

Your AP users work smarter

Higher engagement

Your SMB customers see your app as essential

Stronger business

Your app signup, engagement, and retention all grow

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