Embedded finance: weaving finance into your digital product, seamlessly

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A definition

What is embedded finance?

“Put simply, embedded finance is the placing of a financial product in a non-financial customer experience, journey or platform”

McKinsey & Company

Who is embedded finance for?

For non-financial businesses that want to offer their customers financial services

Your customers have high standards when it comes to digital interactions. They won’t stand for clunky processes, especially when it comes to the way their financial experiences are handled. Embedded finance enables you to:

  • Design a seamless customer experience with money moving invisibly inside your platform
  • Offer convenient payment methods including virtual and plastic cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Set budgets and controls for specific purposes, decreasing the chance for human error
  • Automate reconciliation, which saves time and money – a win-win
“Any business involved in payment flows should take advantage of the game-changing opportunity to own the payment process. Businesses that don’t take the step to becoming financially integrated will soon fall behind the competition.”
Alex Mifsud
Weavr Co-Founder and CEO

What is embedded finance and why is it important? 4 key reasons

  • Generate more revenue from existing customers

    Embedding financial services can more than double your revenue per user.
  • Acquire new customers

    85% of companies report that embedding financial services helps them to acquire new customers without increasing marketing spend.
  • Retain customers for longer

    Bringing payment flows into your product using improves user experience, and satisfaction and axe churn.
  • Build and launch in just 5 weeks

    Launch, validate and earn revenue from your new financial superpowers in just a few weeks with and at a fraction of the cost of Banking as a Service.
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What is embedded finance and why is it important?

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Embedded finance brought to life

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