Plug-and-Play Finance specialist,, has welcomed ex-Visa executive, Mark Pettit, as its new Chief Product Officer (CPO). 

Mark brings his 20+ years of industry experience to accelerate Weavr’s growth from a product perspective as the new CPO, while expanding into international markets and building upon strategic partnerships, such as the recently announced Visa collaboration.  

Before joining Weavr, Mark held the position of Executive Director for the New Ventures Group at Visa, overseeing venture, strategic partnerships, fintech and product growth opportunities in Europe. In this role Mark grew Visa’s network with market moving businesses such as Apple and Google and disruptors such as Klarna and Solaris. 

Mark joined Visa Europe as it became an independent entity and Visa Inc. listed on the NYSE. He was instrumental in building out the European payment platforms and went on to drive their push into eCommerce and API-based product offerings. Mark was a key member of the team that reunited Visa when Visa Inc. acquired the European business.

Being at the intersection of digital businesses, financial services disruption, and one of the most successful payment network businesses in the world has offered Mark a unique vantage point. Coupled with his extensive commercial, operating and product leadership experience, he is well placed to drive Weavr’s product agenda to deliver the easiest way for businesses, and the safest way for banks, to embed relevant financial services at the point of need.

“For me, it is the opportunity to unlock the next distribution channel for financial services, we’ve gone from branch, to phone, then to the internet, on to mobile and the next evolution will be embedded: seamlessly integrating financial services into our digital experiences when we need them.

Another appeal of Weavr is that it allows me to work in a close-knit and talented team. This might be the most exciting part about joining a growing start-up like Weavr. We can focus on a single objective and all of our actions will have a material impact, both on the business and the industry as a whole.” 

When asked what first attracted him to Weavr, newly appointed Weavr CPO, Mark Pettit

In addition to supporting partnerships with banks and financial institutions, Mark will spearhead Weavr’s expansion into new sectors, including lending, ERP, HR management, B2B commerce, and travel and logistics. To penetrate these untapped markets, he will focus on increasing the existing market size to underscore the significance of new payment flows.

“I’m delighted to welcome Mark to Weavr as our Chief Product Officer. His work at Visa focused at the intersection between the world’s largest payment network, big tech and the fintech ecosystem that Visa invested in across Europe. This makes for an invaluable contribution to our team as we continue to build the infrastructure for the widespread and rapid adoption of embedded finance. Mark’s passion for innovation, his experience in top-tier financial infrastructure and his broad industry perspectives all directly support Weavr’s ambition to be the category leader in the emerging embedded finance industry.”

Speaking on the appointment, Co-founder and CEO at Weavr, Alex Mifsud

The announcement comes shortly after the launch of Weavr’s new ‘Embedded Finance Cloud’ solution, which enables banks and other financial institutions to create and distribute embeddable financial products.

Additionally, Weavr has recently collaborated with Visa to speed up the adoption of embedded finance solutions among enterprises and B2B Software-as-a-Service companies. 

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