Embedded Finance Cloud

Supercharge your bank's digital distribution

Our proven embedded finance technology for banks offers product and innovation teams controlled access to new markets. With a safe and transparent platform, your financial institution can create embeddable financial products for any digital business to deploy.

Safe access to new markets

Our embeddable finance solutions provide the controls and security you need - but don't get - with Banking as a Service

Use case
Financial management software
Distribute financial products inside a new generation of digitally-native financial operations platforms
Enable cloud-accounting and bookkeeping platforms to offer innovative e-money and payment services
Open up new channels for packaged services in employee expenses, cash management, cross-border payments, bulk payments, subscription management and more
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Use case
Travel industry
Win market share for payments, foreign exchange, loyalty rewards, and B2B payment volume inside the rapidly digitalising travel, flights, and hospitality market
Power payment solutions for innovative digital-traveller compensation and travel insurance claims
Gain new distribution opportunities for insurance offerings, consumer lending, and savings products within the UX context of travel-booking platforms
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Use case
Smart digital lending
Connect lending products with invoice finance / factoring businesses
Launch and manage multiple Buy Now Pay Later and retail-finance partnerships
Accelerate and automate loan disbursement in vertical digital lending contexts like automotive finance and supply-chain finance
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Use case
Employee benefits platforms
Reach huge new populations of employees using digital HR platforms
Drive the modernisation of legacy expenses procedures in new-generation employee-rewards and allowances apps
Service health, wellbeing, and dental claims and payments through benefits marketplaces that serve hundreds of thousands of employees
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Use case
Digital marketplaces
Open new distribution opportunities for payments and lending in ecommerce and digital services marketplaces
Put your financial products and services at the heart of fast-growing gig-economy apps serving taxi and delivery drivers, for example
Partner with global creator and worker platforms to offer earned-wage access and digital payments
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Use case
Non-financial business apps
Reach huge new addressable customer populations for your financial products within productivity and collaboration apps, ERP and CRM tools, customer servicing, ITSM, and more
Power embedded payments features for martech tools and marketing-team operations, such as media buying and agency billing
Drive the modernisation of balance and payment operations found everywhere across utilities, subscriptions, telecoms/ISP, and property/rental businesses as providers transition to fully-digital self-service systems
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Embedded finance stakeholders

Bring together the skills and stakeholders you need to succeed in one easy-to-manage platform:

Risk management
Regulatory compliance
Product management
Channel sales and new markets
IT and cybersecurity
Core banking
Open banking and API services
Client services
Partner management
Innovation and transformation
Reporting and finance
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Ensure strict data-access controls

In embedded finance for banks, an end customer interacts with a non-financial embedder’s application. What data can this embedder handle? What should be private? And how are consents handled? Our platform addresses all of the key information security requirements so you enjoy a safe and compliant model from day one.

Ensure strict data-access controls with Embedded finance for banks
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Offer compliant and digitally native onboarding

We provide embeddable onboarding and customer-due-diligence workflows so that end customers can sign up conveniently and compliantly, all under the policies and operational supervision of your FI.

Offer compliant and digitally native onboarding with Embedded finance for banks
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Strong authentication built in

To authenticate and authorise transactions within an embedder's UX, a financial institution needs to have a secure and compliant solution that communicates directly with end users. We offer SCA-compliant, multi-factor, authentication methods out of the box.

Strong authentication built in with Embedded finance for banks
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Customer trusted

With the advent of Consumer Duty regulations, we’re in a new era of holistic customer-centric principles that drive financial-service design. Our platform helps you build customer-experience quality and trust, even in third-party-distribution contexts.

Customer trusted with Embedded finance for banks
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Transaction safeguards built in

Customer financial activities within embedded contexts are no less subject to risk and the AML/CFT/sanctions screening as any ordinary bank/EMI customers. We provide a transaction-monitoring and safety-rails solution out of the box, which protects your reputation and guards against abuse in real-time at the point of service. As your solution evolves, you benefit from the flexibility and composability of building embeddable financial products on a single platform.

Transaction safeguides with Embedded finance for banks

Launch embedded finance programmes for banks in a secure, modern, cloud-based platform that you control

  • Embeddable product creation
  • Readymade feature set for e-money and cards
  • Full brand and content control
  • Connect your existing stack and partner products
  • ICR delivery model
  • First layer CDD solution
  • ICR management tools
  • API gateways
  • BAU toolkit for Operators
  • BAU toolkit for embedders

Embeddable product creation

Create and orchestrate new natively embeddable financial products and services that are repeatable. Then deliver them to prospective embedders in vertically-defined distribution channels. Help the embedders evolve further with modular and interoperable components, all based on a single embeddable product factory.

Readymade feature set for e-money and cards

Use our proven toolkit for handling account and card creation, config and controls, and transaction management. It’s all built to run via APIs in third party UX front ends.

Full brand and content control

Set out your own branding and wording across end customer and embedder-facing UI, support, and T&Cs, including localisation. Maintain observability on all sandbox and production programmes, key representatives, and approval statuses.

Connect your existing stack and partner products

Connector architecture allows you to use existing financial-product engines and bring in your own ecosystem of providers. Track transactions and balances in real-time across all your embedded-finance programmes, in a single unified system that syncs back to your core ledger and reporting systems.

ICR delivery model

Identity, compliance, and risk management are at the heart of our embedded finance model. The Weavr Embedded Finance Cloud provides you with everything from KYC/B onboarding through SCA and consents to AI-based transaction monitoring.

First layer CDD solution

We provide embeddable onboarding and customer due diligence workflows at the point of delivery that complement your existing upstream compliance operations.

ICR management tools

An as operator of the Weavr Embedded Finance Cloud, you can monitor customer statuses and activities across multiple embedded finance programmes. You can also drill down into specific entities, customers, accounts, and transactions to exercise complete supervision.

API gateways

We provide a unique proven solution for exposing API endpoints for all aspects of a working embedded finance programme in a way that mitigates the risk characteristics for each specific usage in the architecture.

BAU toolkit for Operators

By running our own business, we know what’s needed in the day-to-day operations of multiple embedded finance programmes. Our operator portal provides administration and configuration features out of the box, as well as support system integration, analytics and reporting, and role-based access controls.

BAU toolkit for embedders

Your clients, the embedders, also need their own administration, operations, and developer tools. The Weavr Embedded Finance Cloud all of them, white-labelled so that your embedded finance partners can get set up quickly and collaborate with you in a unified environment that includes documentation and support content.

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  • Who is Weavr's Embedded Finance Cloud for?

    Weavr’s Embedded Finance Cloud is a solution for banks and e-money institutions. With our solution, they can turn their own financial products and services (as well as potentially those of FI partners) into “embeddable” offerings and run multiple B2B, B2C, B2B2B, and B2B2C embedded-finance programmes. Through these programmes banks and EMIs attain new channel growth with a new kind of clientele – “embedders” – i.e. fintech and non-financial customer-facing digital businesses who are seeking to embed financial features to enhance their own offerings. This is a complex business model to get right, and even harder to build in a consistent and scalable way, but we make it possible to do so without having to reinvent the wheel. With Embedded Finance Cloud your FI can orchestrate and manage dozens or hundreds of embedded finance programmes and partnerships, all from a single modern embedded finance enablement platform.

  • Is the platform cloud or on-prem?

    Embedded Finance Cloud is currently delivered as a public cloud hosted managed service with strict data segregation between platform instances and their client data. Your IT management has full visibility for the relevant infrastructure without having to take on the burden of the service management. We can answer your data security, jurisdictional, and other IT risk management criteria as part of a comprehensive discovery programme and we support your FI’s requirements.


  • Where does an embedded finance platform fit in our banking technology stack?

    To achieve scalable, manageable multi-programme success in embedded finance, we believe it is necessary to establish a dedicated orchestration and management platform. Adopting Weavr’s Embedded Finance Cloud does not require changes to your existing integrated banking technology stack, just the integration to be able to work with your existing products and ledger systems in a secure API connection. From there you are able to adapt your basic financial instruments into new embeddable offerings, and synchronise identities, accounts, transactions, balances, reports and so on back from the embedded finance platform into your canonical systems. Book a meeting with us to discuss how the architecture of a typical embedded finance solution works.

  • Who manages the Embedded Finance Cloud in production?

    The Weavr Embedded Finance Cloud offering is delivered from a technical point of view as a managed service. From a usage and service point of view your own team are the managers and users of the platform. We can offer professional services to work alongside your team in the platform to support key areas such as compliance operations, financial product design, and tier 2-3 technical support.

  • Why should our bank/EMI “buy/partner” this Weavr solution instead of “build” our own solution?

    Weavr has a proven model of successful, safe, manageable multi-programme, multitenant embedded finance enablement. You get to take advantage of a model and the technology that’s proven to work, and is going to keep getting better.

    The alternative is a huge cost of delay and R&D investment in a field that combines tricky requirements in technology, new compliance and risk challenges, and novel customer and partner management models.

    Banks going with a “build our own” strategy risk getting stuck on a series of bespoke single-partner projects instead of being able to accelerate and scale multiple parallel programmes from a unified orchestration platform.

  • How can we test the platform?

    Our first recommendation is to check out the developer sandbox we provide for free to developers seeking to embed our pre-packaged financial features into their non-financial applications. 

    As a bank or EMI using Weavr’s Embedded Finance Cloud this “Embedder” would be your customer, working with your “embeddable financial products” and running their embedded finance programme under your supervision. You’d work with multiple such clients who in turn will market to their end customers to come onboard and use your financial products in the various embedded contexts.

    You can learn more about what it takes to create embeddable financial products, onboard Embedders, and orchestrate multiple embedded finance programmes by talking to Weavr to get a demo of how we run our own business. Embedded Finance Cloud is our proven technology and methodology, now in your hands