Unlock engagement in your employee benefits platform with embedded spend cards

HR gain expanded access to benefits providers and employees pick the perks they want - all by embedding cards into your product.
  • Embed custom-branded virtual and physical debit cards into your benefits and rewards platform
  • Offer an expanded supplier list that HR admins can turn into customised packages to boost employee engagement
  • Easily embed Weavr's payments and spend-control solution to get to market faster

Embedded finance supercharges:

Employee benefits apps
HRM and employee admin
Meal voucher setups
Rewards and recognition
Compensation portals
Corporate health and dental
Global workforce management
Health and wellness apps

Benefits platforms struggle with patchy geo-coverage, resulting in uninspiring benefits that fail to engage talent

Embedding controlled spend cards into your platform is a win-win. Open up coverage so HR can design packages for dispersed teams, who swipe or tap on the benefits they love.

Make flexible benefits a strategic strength for employers using your platform

Roll out spendable benefits

Give employees control over where and when they spend their benefits or rewards, boosting engagement and feedback

Custom designs, fine-tuned controls

Design cards to suit your brand - or the employer's, and set custom rules to ensure allowances and budgets are spent exactly as intended

Help benefits and HR leaders win

When your key contacts see their benefits programmes succeeding, they’ll recommend your platform as a must-have
Slide the bar to see the solution behind the user experience

Solution capabilities

Integrate employee spend cards into your application with Weavr's robust financial-technology stack.

Drive a smarter UX
for your key users

Delivering key benefits for the remote-work era

Use embedded employee benefits spend cards to unlock choice and flexibility, empowering company benefits managers to build tailored offerings that delight their team - wherever they work

Unlock access to an expanded range of benefits

Empower benefits managers to customise packages

Transform engagement with benefits programmes

Discover embedded payments for new-gen employee benefits

Ready to take the next step?

If you are a product or strategy leader in an HR/talent application addressing benefits and rewards, book a call with Weavr to discover our robust solution to embedding employee-benefit spend cards in your app.
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