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What is embedded finance? Here’s the ultimate guide

In this guide, we’ll explore what embedded finance is and the benefits it brings to digital platforms and the people…

Weavr's Buyer's Guide
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Embedded finance buyer’s guide: partner with the right embedded finance supplier

Embedded finance is an emerging part of today’s digital landscape, which makes it both a potentially lucrative opportunity and also…

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White paper: how banks are building the next wave of embedded finance

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Guide: how embedded finance can empower employees

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Embedded payments guide: how embedded finance delivers smarter business payments

Efficiency, automation, and convenience are what businesses expect from their operations and technology these days. But are payment processes evolving…

SCA - Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance
27 Jan 2023 • B2B payments

Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance

As a product manager of a SaaS or mobile application, you’ll already have a constant eye on ways to improve…