Embedded Finance for SaaS Subscription Management
10 Jun 2024 • Guides

SaaS Subscription Management: the ultimate guide

When it comes to SaaS (Software as a Service), is it possible to have too much of a good thing?…

The next step for B2B SaaS
21 May 2024 • Guides

Why embedded finance has moved up the priority list for UK B2B SaaS products

Is this a turning point for B2B SaaS in 2024? So, you’ve heard about our latest SaaS research white paper…

30 Apr 2024 • Guides

Research: embedding payments dissolves pains points for AP professionals

New research from Weavr shines a light on the gaps in Accounts Payable (AP) platforms – and where opportunities lie for…

Illustration photo: a happy office person sitting at a bench desk in a modern office
12 Feb 2024 • Guides

How embedded finance boosts revenue for SaaS products

Embedded finance is changing the face of software and perhaps we’re preaching to the converted here, but let’s pretend you’re…

13 Nov 2023 • Guides

What is embedded finance? Here’s the ultimate guide

In this guide, we’ll explore what embedded finance is and the benefits it brings to digital platforms and the people…

Weavr's Buyer's Guide
5 Oct 2023 • Guides

Embedded finance buyer’s guide: partner with the right embedded finance supplier

Embedded finance is an emerging part of today’s digital landscape, which makes it both a potentially lucrative opportunity and also…

1 Oct 2023 • Guides

Weavr | Fintech glossary of terms

No more getting lost down rabbit holes of research. With our fintech glossary of terms we’re here to help you break through all that noise

4 Sep 2023 • Banks

White paper: how banks are building the next wave of embedded finance

Delve into our latest market research on how the UK finance and banking sector appraises the opportunity of embedded finance…

26 Jul 2023 • Guides

Guide: how embedded finance can empower employees

In this guide to embedded finance in workplace applications, we will look at how employee empowerment, frictionless automations, and convenient…

18 Jul 2023 • Guides

Embedded payments guide: how embedded finance delivers smarter business payments

Efficiency, automation, and convenience are what businesses expect from their operations and technology these days. But are payment processes evolving…

SCA - Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance
27 Jan 2023 • B2B payments

Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance

As a product manager of a SaaS or mobile application, you’ll already have a constant eye on ways to improve…