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Our virtual card solutions power use cases across many industries

Parent supervised payments
A way for parents to give their children supervised, restricted and safe access to online spending. You can embed this into rich experiences such as rewards for chores or performance at school.
Group purchasing
Group buying / Group payment applications where funds are collected from members of a group and then spent on a purpose such as a skiing trip or a stag party.
Employee expenses
Enabling a mobile workforce to pay for expenses via an app, supporting request and approval process, reporting, and spend-category blocking.
Subscription payments
Track subscription use, and billing events, only loading the payment cards with funds if the customer confirms their wish to continue use.
Compensation payments
Compensate customers alongside rich and interactive messaging content such as voice messages and even provide instant redemption through a choice of items for purchase.
Restricted spend vouchers
Send funds for specific or restricted use, such as educational vouchers for apprentices and students to purchase educational materials.

Calling all Innovators

A solution designed for Digitally Native Startups, Fintech and Digital Transformation.

Custom Solutions

Everything you need to build, test, launch and run your custom solution is here.

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You only pay for real-money transactions, and with our simple pay-as-you-go pricing you can start as low as you want.

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Our Solutions

Virtual cards for consumer payments
Empower consumers to create and fund virtual consumer cards to make payments online.
Virtual cards for business purchasing
Enable businesses to create and fund virtual cards to make purchases online.
Virtual cards for business payouts
Equip businesses with a pure digital way to send funds to consumers.

How it works

Choose payment model
Payment models are pre-built templates for payment flows. Pick the preferred Payment Model for your application, configure it and get the API key.
Integrate and test
Use Swagger to test the APIs and then integrate with your website, mobile app or enterprise IT system. Test on your staging version or use our simulator to cover different scenarios.
Get approved & Launch
To go live, verify your identity and submit for final approval by our financial partners. Then simply buy service bundles and launch!
We’re working with the best partners in the industry to create an affordable and secure platform.
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