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Embedded finance for Health & Wellness

Build a fully-integrated finance infrastructure within your digital product in days.

The world of Health & Wellness is changing

Finance should be too
Payments flow through every aspect of Healthcare - whether it is to pay for a procedure, health insurance or a gym membership. For the consumer, this process may appear seamless - pay for the service you want, and receive it. But behind the scenes there are multiple sources involved to make this happen - from booking out an operating theatre or workout studio; to hiring a surgeon or PT; to managing the aftercare through a physio. So it’s no surprise that in the digital age, technology is moving to make these processes smoother.
Enable next gen Health and Wellness platforms
Smoother reconciliation
Improved customer experience

Case study

X-Wrist is the world’s first Value Energy Platform that allows users to efficiently reclaim expended human energy in the form of Energy Value Tokens that can then be turned into gifts and goods. Users harness their good habits and are rewarded for taking consistent steps towards their well-being.
Weavr helps X-Wrist facilitate the payment functionality by providing their users with wearable-ready virtual cards provisioned on X-Wrist bands. As users reach their goals, and are rewarded with Energy Value Tokens, they simply use the X-Wrist bands to make purchases just like other contactless credit cards, providing an enterprise grade payment experience.
X-Wrist users can pay for gifts and goods on the go, directly from their wearable device, without being redirected to an external payment partner, while X-Wrist has oversight and controls to manage the spend.
Weavr's ready-made financial services made it easy for us to delight our users and provide a unique, modern wearable experience by embedding a payments solution directly into their X-Wrist bands. With Weavr’s help, we were able to avoid a huge amount of costs, complexity and time in building and managing the payment process.
Costin Nita

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