Create the perfect embedded banking engine for your business.
The engine behind the output
How Weavr works

Weavr is a framework for combining diverse banking and payments services to create your perfect solution. There is no need for separate integrations or separate contracts — every service is implemented so that it automatically interoperates with every other service.

Sandbox & Integration Tools
Compliance & Security
Data & Reporting
Customer Charges
Virtual Cards
Issue Mastercard virtual cards in real-
time, choosing the currency (currently
GBP, EUR or USD). We support both
one-time and multiple use cards.
Physical Cards
Issue Mastercard contactless plastic cards to your employees or customers. Choose the currency and set limits on each card. We offer on-demand and bespoke cards meaning you can customise the card to match your branding. Designs are subject to approval.
We support a range of off-the-shelf Mastercard-powered wearable devices. We also support your own devices as long as they are based on supported NFC
Set spend controls
Set spending limits per transaction, account or merchant.
Real time notifications
Receive real-time webhook notifications within your API when your account balance is running low or you're about to hit a pre-agreed threshold.
Contactless pay Coming soon
We support both Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Instantly generate IBAN
Open IBAN-enabled accounts instantly in GBP and EUR. We support both consumer and business accounts, subject to status.
Bank Transfers
We support in-bound and out-bound bank transfers via UK Faster Payments (GBP), SEPA (EUR) and SWIFT (Multiple currencies)
Sandbox & Integration Tools
Easy to use APIs, defined in OpenAPI
standard to be supported by industry
standard tools like Swagger.
Simulate a diverse range of banking,
payments and on-boarding activity to test
your banking engine and your complete
application before launching.
Compliance & Security
Embeddable onboarding
Simply style and embed our customer on-
boarding widgets and we will handle
document collection and verification,
liveness checks as well as anti-money
laundering review so that you don't have to.
Secure UI tools
UI components to integrate sensitive
banking data exchange into your User
Interface without the burden of PCI DSS
security certification.
Data & Reporting
Interactive data manager
Access and interact with all the banking
data your embedded banking solution
creates. All presented in a way that helps
you find it and act on it, while avoiding
back-breaking compliance burdens.
Transaction Reporting
Generate and export transaction
statements easily to help with reporting
and reconciliation.
Real-time notifications
Receive real-time notifications of events as they happen - such as when funds hit your account, or your customer's account has been opened.
Customer Charges
Charge your customers on their usage
You can define customer charges and we will automatically collect these for you. Powerful but easy to configure charging engine lets you charge for Deposit and withdrawal fees, Purchase fees, Transfer fees, Forex fees, Refund fees, and Chargeback fees.