SCA - Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance
27 Jan 2023 • B2B payments

Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance

As a product manager of a SaaS or mobile application, you’ll already have a constant eye on ways to improve…

Product updates from Weavr
19 Dec 2022 • Product

Weavr product updates Dec 2022

Before the holidays, we’ve got a 🧑‍🎄 sackful of recent product updates to share, including instant EUR bank transfers, multifactor…

Product updates from Weavr
29 Sep 2022 • Product

Weavr product updates September 2022

This September we’ve got a couple of important updates to share, and both make it easier to get started with…

Product updates from Weavr
22 Jul 2022 • Product

Weavr product updates July 2022

At Weavr, we’re on a mission to make it easy for you to add powerful fintech features to your applications,…

22 Apr 2022 • BaaS

Who benefits from embedded finance?

How much hassle do you want? Most people would wish for little or none, yet businesses are inadvertently creating it…

17 Mar 2022 • Product

Digital wallets — faster, frictionless and safer payments

The thought of making purchases using your phone might once have felt like something out of science-fiction. But now that’s…

Product updates from Weavr
15 Mar 2022 • Product

Weavr product updates: UK faster payments, more spend rule options, Emoji-friendly card names, Forex configuration, Twilio customer authentication, and more!

Product updates! Two weeks after announcing our Series A and sign-posting our upcoming launch in the US, we’re proud to share…

22 Feb 2022 • Product

We’re getting ready to launch in the US

For a little over 18 months, we’ve been on the mission to enable any business to integrate any financial service…

30 Jun 2021 • Product

A developer’s guide: how to embed finance functionality in your app

Whether you’re a legacy company adapting to stay ahead or you’re a startup creating your own inroad, embedded finance can…