Accounts Payable
17 Jan 2024 • B2B payments

Accounts Payable: platforms that pay and prepare will prevail

How do you continue adding user value to an Accounts Payable (AP) platforms and applications? Its users are typically under…

20 Dec 2023 • B2B payments

Solving Shadow IT: do we need to be kinder with SaaS licensing management tools?

Your product is pitched as a cure for the perennial IT headache of Shadow IT. But just bear in mind…

20 Nov 2023 • B2B payments

Where accounting software is one big let-down: don’t let Accounts Payable be your weakest link…

Accounting and procurement tools promise the opportunity to wave goodbye to grunt work. However, no matter how slick and innovative…

Fintech experts discuss embedded finance
8 Nov 2023 • B2B payments

Challenges and benefits of embedded finance: insights from top fintech experts

Fintech experts are here to help you: Does embedded finance seem like a logical next step for your product, but…

The workspace race_ embedded finance is coming to business productivity platforms - Blog
24 May 2023 • B2B payments

The workspace race: embedded finance is coming to productivity platforms

Embedded finance is coming to productivity platforms. Are you ready? When the first online auction sites launched in the 1990s,…

Weavr x Comma acquisition_ accelerating innovation together -
11 May 2023 • B2B payments

Weavr x Comma acquisition: accelerating innovation together

This past month has flown by. After announcing the Comma acquisition in March, it has been full steam ahead for…

The scope of embedded payments goes far beyond the checkout - Daniel Greiller
28 Apr 2023 • B2B payments

The scope of embedded payments goes far beyond the checkout

Written by Daniel Greiller, CCO of Weavr. When you think about embedded payments, you’re probably thinking about a one-click checkout.…

embedded finance disruption
3 Feb 2023 • B2B payments

Disruption for mere mortals: 6 lessons from embedded finance winners

Well-known names such as Uber, Starbucks and – most recently – Twitter are often cited whenever the topic of embedded…

SCA - Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance
27 Jan 2023 • B2B payments

Strong Customer Authentication in embedded finance

As a product manager of a SaaS or mobile application, you’ll already have a constant eye on ways to improve…

Google Wallet and Apple Pay - Digital Wallets
16 Nov 2022 • B2B payments

The benefits of Google Wallet and Apple Pay in the corporate world

Mobile wallets: taking the headache away from embedded payments cards Cited as one of the top 5 payment trends to watch for…

Embedded finance: bringing value into focus
11 Oct 2022 • B2B payments

Embedded finance: Bringing value into focus

We are announcing the launch of our latest whitepaper, entitled ‘Embedded finance: Bringing value into focus.’ The paper, which has…

5 key ways embedded finance evolutionises supplier payments
8 Sep 2022 • B2B payments

5 key ways embedded finance revolutionises supplier payments

Paying suppliers is an essential part of keeping any business running. But the tools back-office teams have to manage those…