8 Dec 2022 • Case studies

Ben: building a benefits platform, powered by embedded finance

How can businesses be better equipped to support talent acquisition and retention?  For Ben, the answer was to build an…

30 Nov 2022 • Case studies

MONET: financial superpowers to smoothen creator cash flow

“With the help of our partners at Weavr, we’ve been able to get to market with verticalised banking much quicker…

6 revolutionary ways embedded finance will help the world of work
14 Oct 2022 • Employee benefits

6 revolutionary ways embedded finance will help the world of work

From purchasing supplies to paying out salaries, finance is a huge part of the digital workplace. Historically it’s been a…

5 key ways embedded finance evolutionises supplier payments
8 Sep 2022 • B2B payments

5 key ways embedded finance revolutionises supplier payments

Paying suppliers is an essential part of keeping any business running. But the tools back-office teams have to manage those…

What do creators need_ 3 challenges embedded finance can help the industry tackle
1 Sep 2022 • Gig economy

What do creators need? 3 challenges embedded finance tackles

From the outside, being a creator or a freelancer can look like a dream. Choosing your own hours and projects,…

Troc Circle embedded finance case study
1 Aug 2022 • B2B payments

Troc Circle: making money move faster in B2B marketplaces with embedded finance

“At Troc Circle, we aim to help businesses unlock capital stuck in inefficient payment supply chains. Now, with Weavr on…

23 Jun 2022 • B2B payments

How embedded finance empowers SMEs to innovate

It’s hard to understate the impact Uber has had on transportation. When it arrived on the scene it simply blew…

4 Aug 2021 • Use cases

Demystifying embedded finance

The world of finance is rapidly changing. Customers are now able to have a finance relationship with the company they’re…