Use cases for finance teams

Add financial data and transactions to your business app

Embed powerful payments capabilities within B2B applications, such as invoicing, accounts receivable, factoring or SME lending, procure-to-pay and spend control, or cloud accounting and financial insights.

Use cases

Integrate digitally native financial features for business payments, automate manual tasks to reduce errors and create advanced new features.

Use case
Add payment execution to your Accounts Payable application
Add new features so your users can...
Remove manual payment-processing blockages
Join up payables data with payment execution to automate reconciliation
Connect external bank accounts with embedded payment flows
Collaborate on payables in a smarter, more digitally-native way
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Use case
Help cloud accounting apps move cash, not just watch it
Add new features so your users can...
Set up custom sub accounts for business cash management
Fund invoice payments from just-in-time cash sweeps
Segregate funds for provisions, deposits, and budgeting
Move cash to authorised payment cards as part of financial control processes
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Use case
Enable invoicing and procurement platforms to automate reconciliation
Add new features so your users can...
Generate unique account details for each customer paying invoices
Include dynamic payment details in invoice templates
Get real-time notifications of business payments
Join incoming payment data with ERP, ecommerce, or other order systems
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Use case
Power SME super-apps with smart virtual accounts
Add new features so your users can...
Connect financial data with order data in unified management views
Allocate budgets to staff with custom spend rules
Automate alerts based on live financial balances and transactions, tracking transactions by customer, cost centre, project
Generate financial insights based on rich custom data sets
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Use case
Transform process and productivity platforms into marketplaces
Add new features so your users can...
Buy and sell products or services with other businesses within the platform
Earn or send instant payments for tasks or projects
Set escrow-like conditions for mutually trustworthy transactions
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Use case
Empower digital AR/AP providers to fight manual busywork
Add new features so your users can...
Avoid re-keying payments data by pre-filling forms in payment flows
Establish simpler request and approval flows for payments
Incentivise clients to pay bills on time
Empower a wider range of staff to handle procurement and payments with flexible, transparent spend controls
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Perfect for these business types

Unlock new value across B2B finance and digital productivity applications

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
SME cashflow
Business spend control
SME finance apps
Invoice finance / factoring
Order management and logistics
B-commerce and marketplace payments
ERP and back office systems
Project management software
Accounts Payable and procurement
Cloud accounting / bookkeeping
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Radically remove friction in financial tasks for business users

Target manual work and inefficiencies at the edges of your application’s scope and offer end users smarter ways to manage payments, cash, and approvals.

Radically remove friction in business users’ financial jobs
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Bring finance and payees together into a single platform

Tap into the network effect of connecting both buyers and sellers in business transactions, working more efficiently within your platform UX.

Bring finance and payees together in a single platform
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Build software-driven financial processes

Use data, roles and business logic from your existing platform to define workflows and automation in financial actions.

Build software-driven financial processes
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Exceed the limitations of legacy SMB finance work

Help your business users break free of the rigid limitations of traditional business banking, with UX and flexible features more suitable to the dynamic digital SMB of today.

Exceed limitations of standard SME banking
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Develop groundbreaking credit and factoring solutions

In use cases including SMB lending, offer businesses a more integrated and seamless experience for finance at the point of need.

Develop groundbreaking credit and factoring solutions

Weavr provides a complete embedded finance toolkit so you can prototype and go live 10x faster

  • Fully-featured payment accounts
  • Flexible spend controls
  • Seamless brand experience
  • Move money programmatically
  • Feed financial dashboards
  • Business account onboarding
  • Compliance and anti-fraud
  • Data security
  • Developer experience
  • Need assistance?
Add physical cards to your software

Fully-featured payment accounts

Empower your application users to work smarter with built-in accounts and payments. Bring suppliers into the same system for greater efficiencies and more direct B2B interoperability

Flexible spend controls

Enable businesses in your application to set their own spend rules to reflect their business policies around who can spend what money, where, and on what

Add virtual cards to your software

Seamless brand experience

Offer your business customers options to brand their virtual and plastic payment cards. All aspects of financial UX are yours to design so users associate their new fintech powers with your brand

Move money programmatically

A huge range of transaction types can be initiated automatically based on code built in your business applications: the sky’s the limit for designing smarter money flows for finance teams.

Feed financial dashboards

Gain valuable insights via visibility of aggregated transactions, balances, flows, and other data via flexible built-in analytics and reporting capabilities

Business account onboarding

Compliant financial processes for know-your-business (KYB) when registering new B2B accounts, ready to integrate into your digital self-service flows

Compliance and anti-fraud

Robust regtech infrastructure including built-in anti-fraud monitoring, safe financial presets appropriate to your business model, and continuous compliance updates

Data security

All aspects of sensitive customer information across onboarding, authentication, and transaction processing are handled securely through the embedded Weavr system.

Developer experience

Weavr’s open, fully documented platform makes it easy for your developers to implement new fintech features and iterate faster.

Need assistance?

No problem. Our expert team will listen to your product vision, advise on how embedded finance could fit in, and support your prototyping and go live to get your idea into production faster than any alternative approach.

Meet the innovators bringing embedded finance to life

"Weavr’s time-to-market cannot be beaten. For a young company that needs to get a product out quickly, there is no better solution. "
Sebastian Fallert
"We were looking for a long-term partner. Besides issuing cards, we loved Weavr’s outlook of what we can do regarding the product in the future."
Csaba Krümmer
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
"With Weavr, we got to market much quicker than anticipated. Weavr gave us a cost-effective solution to bring MONET to life in a safe and regulatory-compliant manner."
Jake Cassons
Founder and CEO


  • How fast can I get set up with embedded finance?

    With Weavr, you can get from prototyping to live transactions in your app within five weeks. Because we’ve already taken care of putting together all the parts you need to integrate powerful financial features into your application, development time only depends on configuration, testing, and integration with your application stack. This allows our customers to get new applications into production in weeks, compared to the months or even years that it takes for businesses working with banks and piecing together compliance, anti-fraud, and other required elements by themselves.

  • Do I need experience with fintech?

    No prior banking or payments technology experience is needed in your team. Weavr’s mission is to make adding financial features to your applications as easy as plug-and-play. So we’ve done the heavy lifting on both the technology and regulatory complexities of building and running embedded finance, allowing you to focus on the innovative use cases you’re going to bring to market. The sky’s the limit!

  • What are the costs involved?

    Weavr is free to your developers to experiment with: start here. . Once you are ready to work on your live business applications, you’ll see our pricing is as simple as everything else you get from Weavr. We include as much as possible under single flat monthly fees that match your business stage, and allow you to calculate variable costs (e.g. per transaction fees) in a transparent manner. Please see our pricing overview here.

  • How does regulatory compliance work?

    We don’t require your business to get its own licence as a regulated financial institution. Weavr plug-ins deliver you an immediately usable package of features which include built-in compliance. One important aspect of this is that your business does not need to handle sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers: our technology segregates this data securely while ensuring you can still customise the design and content of the user experience of financial workflows within your applications.

  • Can I add new features to the scope later?

    We are adding new features constantly, such as new payment methods, supported currencies and countries, authentication options, and fine-grained configuration controls. Core features are available to you under your licencing as fast as you are ready to integrate them into your application’s workflows. Certain other features not core to Plug-ins are available as add-ons to your subscription. If your business requires features that you can’t see in our plug-in, talk to us about our roadmap and support for custom embedded finance integrations.

  • Can I track usage of financial features?

    Your business will have access to a full range of data around user workflow steps and statuses, API usage, financial actions via webhooks, aggregated analytics, and flexible reporting options. We make this easy to track and report on via a built-in visual BI dashboard. We aim to give your product teams everything they need to know to gain insights into financial feature usage and customer success.

  • How can I test out Weavr’s technology?

    Developers can jump straight into our API documentation and free sandbox access. To discuss business requirements and your embedded finance innovation ideas, we’d love to talk.